Jeff Krasner Productions - Full Production, Booking, Promoting & Representation
Jeff Krasner Productions
Partial list of  Shows Produced or Promoted By Us
National & Regional Talent
Eric Burdon & The Animals                                                       Johnny Maestro
Kenny Rankin                                                                                   Rich Pagan                                                                                 Dave Mason
The Good Rats                                                                                   Jim Dawson
Mick Taylor                                                                                     Jimmy Vivino
Dan Hicks                                                                                             John Ford
Rick Danko                                                                                              
Jackie "The Jokeman" Martling
Mark Newman
Jeff Slate Band
Steve Holley  
                                                              Dave Mason
                                                                                    Felix Cabrera
Phil Grande                                                                                       Mod As Hell
Blonde Ambition                                                                             Frank Carillo
The Funk Filharmonik                    Non- Stop to Cairo                                                      Uppercut
Stanton Anderson Band
Scott Holt
 Artie (The Creator of Woodstock) Kornfeld
Plus numerous Rock, Jazz, Blues, Reggae, Acoustic and Cover bands. We can supply most any act to fit your needs.
 We also supply guest speakers for any size audience. Below are some of the  guest speakers for your corporate or private event.
Michael "Eppy " Epstein ( My Fathers Place)
Artie Kornfeld ( The Creator of Woodstock)
Denis McNamara  ( WLIR Radio)
Many recording artists are also available

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